miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Machu Picchu Post

Pablo Hadis de Max Underground me escribe anunciándome una entrevista a los realizadores del simpático film animado "Machu Pichu Post".
An interesting film usually has an interesting story behind it. This is certainly the case with Machu Picchu Post, the story that inspired the short film takes place on a map from the 1920s/30s, and is populated by legendary names such as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the Compagnie Générale Aéropostale (a.k.a. "Aéropostale"), as well as the history of the birth of some of the first national airlines and airmail routes in South America.

Machu Picchu Post is an atypical short film, one that contains elements of magic, familiar images from Peru's culture, a spontaneous narrative with many unexpected plot points, and an interesting use of subjectivity that turns parallel lines of narrative into different points of view of the same narrative. The film's changing POVs produce a notable contrast between the innocence of the child's play and the desperation of the aviator. One that recalls that old phrase by Chaplin: "life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot."

Machu Picchu Post was created by Supinfocom students Clément Crocq, Margaux Durand-Rival and Nicolas Novali. We had the great pleasure of interviewing them regarding the production of their short film, their personal experiences at Supinfocom, and their views on why some of the best CG animated shorts produced in recent years are coming from France.
La entrevista completa la encuentras aquí.

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